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Captain Nathan Bridger
Born: March 17, 1972.
Experienced Navy Captain lured from retirement to command the seaQuest, a vessel he designed.
Captain Oliver Hudson
Tough Navy career man who assumed command of seaQuest from Captain Bridger after finding the submarine in the year 2032.
Doctor Kristin Westphalen
Leader of the scientific mission aboard the seaQuest. Despite occasional clashes with Captain Bridger, the two share an unmistakable chemistry.
Commander Jonathan Ford
Assumed command of seaQuest from Captain Marilyn Stark, narrowly averting world conflict. Was instructed by the U.E.O. to feign incompetence in order to lure Captain Bridger out of retirement.
Lieutenant Commander Katherine Hitchcock
Intense, driven Chief Engineer, second in command under Commander Ford and Hyper Reality Probe specialist. Highly reliable.
Lucas Wolenczak
Teenage computer genius. Pioneered the method by which dolphin Darwin interprets human.
Lieutenant Benjamin Krieg
SeaQuest's clever Supply Acquisitions and Morale Officer, was once married to Lt. Commander Hitchcock.
Chief Manilow Crocker
Chief of Security. Crusty, longtime Navy man who remembers the old days with fondness.
Lieutenant J.G. Tim O'neill
SeaQuest's industrious and talented communications officer. A good man in an emergency, despite suffering from claustrophobia.
Dr. Wendy Smith
Dr. at the submarine in the year 2032.
Lieutenant James Brody
seaQuest's cocky third in command. Special weapons-and-tactics expert;
Lieutenant J.G. Lonnie Henderson
Engineering officer who is handy with tools. At times naive and often involved in sticky situations. Promoted from Ensign.
Tony Piccolo
Delinquent overseeing most of seaQuest's electrical systems. Given gill-like breathing organs as a result of scientific experiments, permitting him to work underwater without an air source.
Prototype for a line of genetically engineered combat solidiers rendered useless upon the elmination of wars. Dedicated member of seaQuest's maintenance crew, although somewhat lacking in intelligence.
Lieutenant J.J. Fredricks
An underwater stealth fighter pilot.
Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz
Controls WSKRS (Wireless Sea Knowledge Retrieval Satellites), the sensory probes surrounding seaQuest.
Male bottle-nosed dolphin rescued by Captain Bridger given ability to communicate with humans via the seaQuest's computers.