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Seaquest DSV : Fire Below

Seaquest rescues hundred of people held hostage by terrorists, but a 2nd rescue submarine vanishes only to re-appear. It has encountered a sea creature from the dawn of time-it has infinite adaptability,acute intelligence and hostile intent...

Written by Published by Orion Publishing Group On January 1994.

SeaQuest DSV : the Ancient

An all-new original novel based on the TV series. The year is 2018, and the last frontier on Earth is vast, dark, mysterious... the world's oceans. And the last hope for peace is the largest, most powerful submarine ever built: SeaQuest.

Written by Published by Acacia Press, Inc. On January 1994.

SeaQuest DSV: The Novel (Book 1)

SeaQuest is the largest,fastest & most powerful submarine ever built. She is also the planet's ultimate peace keeper:multinational confederations are on the brink of global war.

Written by Published by Acacia Press, Inc. On November 1993.