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Xena The warrior princess


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The Further Adventures of Xena

The ultimate collection for Xena-philes, with new, original stories by bestselling authors Jennifer Roberson * Josepha Sherman * Diane Duane * series screenwriter Melissa Good * and Greg Cox * Esther Friesner * Jody Lynn Nye * Jaye Cameron * David Bischoff * and many others.

Written by Published by Ace Books On August 2001.

How the Quest Was Won : A Novel (Xena, Warrior Princess)

It's the ultimate confrontation between good and evil when Xena and her friends must protect Helen from her brutal husband, Menelaus, after he discovers where she is hidden.

Written by Published by Ace Books On September 2000.

Xena Warrior Princess : Questward, Ho!

Brave men, one and all, have been dispatched on what the king promised was a glorious quest. But Xena knows the truth--Menelaus is using the questers to hunt down Helen, the wife who fled from him years ago. Now the Warrior Princess must risk the wrath of her sworn enemy, the god Poseidon, as she takes to the sea to warn Helen...

Written by Published by Ace Books On February 2000.

Xena: Warrior Princess: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

The battle has never been hotter, the steel stronger, the battle cries louder, or the kicks higher. Now with Xena: Warrior Princess--Prima's Official Strategy Guide you can guide Xena through her epic adventure without fear of even the most deadly obstacles. Within you'll find extensive walkthoughs of every level, detailed maps of Amazon Village, Dyzan's Lair and the other worlds, complete puzzle solutions, and complete moves and fighting strategies. Prove once and for all that you are the ultimate warrior princess and the world's greatest hero with Xena: Warrior Princess--Prima's Official Strategy Guide.

Written by Published by Prima Publishing On October 1999.

Xena Warrior Princess Prophecy

If you love the TV series, you'll like this book. It's fast reading and the plot is not complicated, but intriguing. There are the usual moral messages and action. The author doesn't get caught up in introducing you to so many characters that you can't keep them straight. It's simple and to the point. The ending was somewhat predictable, but enjoyable, nonetheless. Read it, I think you'll enjoy it!

Written by Published by Berkley Pub Group On October 1999.

Go Quest, Young Man (Xena, Warrior Princess: Go Quest Young Man Trilogy, 1)

When I watch the tv show, Joxer is OK at best as the comic relief on the show. When I read this book I was not happy with his role in it. His character is just too stupid to be of any use to Xena and Gabrielle. If you're going to have Hercules in the book he should've have played a bigger role in it. He's just in there for Xena to deliver a message to? In the future don't waste such valuable characters in a book like that. After reading this first book in the trilogy, I'm not anxiously awaiting the next book in the series. Maybe I'm being a little too hard on this book because Ru is setting up the storyline in this first book (I hope so). I found myself not able to put the book down because I just wanted to get to the end of it. Less Joxer and more Xena and swordplay would've helped this book a lot.

Written by Published by Ace Books On August 1999.

Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor: Warrior Stars Of Xena

An informative and engaging book for all the show's fans, "Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor" chronicles Lucy's journey from budding opera singer to the surprisingly "Hollywood" story of her landing the role of Xena. Also featured is the story of Renee O'Connor, the blond-haired Texan who plays Xena's storytelling sidekick. 41 photos, 16 in color Radio publicity.

Written by Published by E C W Pr On July 1999.

The Xena : Warrior Princess Internet Guide

A comprehensive guide to internet sites dedicated to the television show Xena: Warrior Princess. Updated after ever 100 copies sold.

Written by Published by Pride & Imprints On May 1999.

Xena and the Magic Arrow of Myx : A Novel

Xena, the warrior princess, and her sidekick, Gabrielle, race against time to discover who is responsible for casting the terrible spell that launched the deadly Magic Arrow of Myx, a weapon that will never stop until it strikes its target, against Xena.

Written by Published by Berkley Pub Group On March 1999.

Battle On!: An Unauthorized, Irreverent Look at Xena, Warrior Princess

If you're looking for same old cast lists and behind-the-scenes anecdotes that are in all the other Xena tomes, don't look here. BATTLE ON! is as opinionated, funny, and fannish as I could make it. (Not unlike the show itself.)

Written by Published by Roc On November 1998.

Xena Warrior Princess Postcard Book

For fans of every age, here are 30 full-color action-packed scenes from the Universal #1 syndicated television show starring Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor. Relive your favorite moments from the outstanding adventure series as Xena and her intrepid sidekick, Gabrielle, battle the forces of evil, including Draco, Celestra, the Harpies, and the Lizard Man. Cheer them on as they match strength and wits with their nemesis, Ares.

Written by Published by Harper Prism On October 1998.

Xena : All I Need to Know I Learned from the Warrior Princess

A collection of wisdom allegedly written by Xena's sidekick, Gabriella, thousands of years ago and recently unearthed, these unique essays on life, love, and valor are intended to help mere mortals be like Xena. of photos.

Written by Published by Pocket Books On September 1998.

Xena - Warrior Princess : The Official Guide to the Xenaverse

Where guilty pleasures live, armed to the teeth and sporting battle armor, there strides Xena. As TV art, the syndicated Xena is more like Baywatch than Upstairs Downstairs, but it has a (very thin) patina of intellectual cachet from making frequent and occasionally incongruous references to classical mythology. Since the ratings titan has been on only since 1995, there is only so much an in-depth fan guide can cover, so Weisbrot also provides much detail on Xena's notable forerunner, Sheena, Oueen of the Jungle, a black-and-white syndicated series of 26 episodes that first ran in 1955. Aside from the welcome Sheena retrospective, the guide's highlights include episode breakdowns, worthy cast profiles, and pictures, pictures, pictures. Although not exactly challenging reading, this guide to a tasty enough slice of currently popular entertainment is engaging.

Written by Published by Main Street Books On February 1998.

Xena X-Posed : The Unauthorized Biography of Lucy Lawless and Her On-Screen Char

Xena: Warrior Princess is rated number one among syndicated action-hour series. It has spawned conventions, clubs, and Web sites galore, but still, its devoted fans remain hungry for more information about the quasi-classical show and its sexy star, Lucy Lawless. It's all revealed here--Lawless's background, the show's inspiration, costars, and much more.

Written by Published by Prima Publishing On February 1998.

Prophecy of Darkness

Encountering a young seer who warns them that a mage's well-intentioned spell will lead to disaster, Xena and Gabrielle find themselves confronting Cerebus, who would unleash the forces of Hades on the earth.

Written by Published by Berkley Pub Group On May 1997.

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