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Lara Croft

Tomb Raider : The Movie     Tomb Raider : The Cradle Of Life     Tomb Raider (2018)

The story

Lara Croft had already many exiting adventures. But now she faces her greatest adventure when she must complete her fathers secret quest.
It all started when an ancient clock started to tick. she soon learns that a secret society has, the Illuminati, is intrested in the clock. It seams that the clock is a key to find the 2 halves of a ancient artifact buried in space and time.

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Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie)
The main character of the movie.
Lord Croft (Jon Voight)
Portrays Lara's father, Lord Croft.
Powel (Iain Glen)
The arch villain of the film, Powell, adversary of Lara Croft's father, Lord Croft, and now Lara's sworn enemy.
Pimms (Julian Rhind-Tutt)
An assistant to Powell.
Alex (Daniel Craig)
A fellow tomb raider and Lara's occasional accomplice.
Bryce (Noah Taylor)
A brilliant technical geek who specializes in robotics. Besides being Lara's technical wizard, he sometimes acts as her 'eyes and ears' when she is in the field.
Wilson (Lesile Phillips)
A former admirer of Lord Croft who has now turned against him and joined forces with Powell.
Hillary (Chris Barrie)
Serves Lara as her butler.
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