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Queen Jatarri



Animal Mystic: Klor

Long before Klor helped Queen Jatarri rid Praktill of the Spigmodite Plague, the popular centorg from Dark One's ANIMAL MYSTIC series was a barbaric, arrogant killer. Learn how Father Kroy calmed Klor's inner demons and initiated him into the Muishaa order of priests. Then witness Klor's origin culminate in an epic battle between the forces of good and evil, as Father Kroy's former pupil--a bad-ass centorg named Mirgin--returns to exact vengeance on his teacher. Rendered in Dark One's popular gray-toned painting style, this trade paperback is a must-have item for any adventure fan's collection! Featuring previously un-published art and sketches! Written and illustrated by Dark One

Written by Published by Sirius Entertainment On June 2000.

Animal Mystic: Water Wars

Collecting the full color adventures of your favorite Amazon Queen in outer space! Enter a universe of gunships, exotic warriors and alien worlds--and witness the destiny of the galactic messiah! In her quest to save the underwater world of Antakia from the tyranny of Lord Multa, Queen Jatarri learns of her cosmic origins and meets the being who set her on her path as the savior of the universe.

Written by Published by Sirius Entertainment On July 1999.

Animal Mystic

Follow the birth of Queen Jatarri from her humble roots as a California college student to the leader of a tribe of Amazon warriors. Exploring her destiny as the next messiah, the beautiful queen journeys to the alien moon Praktill to rid it of the dreaded Spigmodite plague. Essential reading for the new Water Wars reader, this graphic novel introduces Queen Jatarri, the centorg Klor and Ryntha.

Written by Published by Sirius Entertainment On November 1996.