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Season 6 Episode 6 - All The Way

On yet another "tame" Halloween, we join the Scoobs at the Magic Box during a huge "Bone-anza." Across town, we are introduced to the humming Kaltenbach: an older gentleman who may be a Halloween baddie.

Down at the Box, the gang is pooped from the day's events. Out of nowhere, Xander announces that he and Anya are engaged. Finally! At Buffy's, the gang throws a shindig for the two lovers. Willow and Tara have a short fight after Will uses her magic to fill the room with decorations. Then, Dawn reminds Buffy that she is spending the night at her friend Janice's house. After Dawn gets the thumbs up from the Slayer, we quickly learn that she is spending the night out raising hell with Janice and a group of rowdy older kids. It quickly becomes apparent the night was a setup for Janice and Dawn to act on their teenage hormones with two boys named Zack and Justin.

As Dawn, Janice, Zack and Justin engage in typical Halloween pranks, back at the Slayer abode, Giles and Xander share a drink and talk about Xander's future. Xander almost seems to second-guess his marriage intentions and his future. Giles assures him that everything will be fine.

Back on the streets, Dawn and friends find themselves in front of Kaltenbach's place. After Janice refuses to smash the old kook's pumpkin, Dawn volunteers. Unfortunately, as she lifts the pumpkin, the old man grabs her. Dawn's pals quickly rush her aid. Strangely, they are invited into the house. As the four hooligans debate leaving, Justin offers to help the old man with his special gift in the kitchen. To our surprise, the old man didn't have any evil intentions at all; he just made them a rice crispy treat. However, Justin vamps out, kills the old man and steals his wallet.

We return to Buffy's house when Janice's mom calls. Quickly, Giles figures out that the two girls have pulled a fast one. Xander refers to it as, "Dipping into the classics." Giles decides to find Buffy, Anya and Xander mind the house and Tara and Willow jet to the Bronze.

Just after we have learned that Zack and Justin are vamps, Zack steals a car by killing the driver. Then, the four teens begin making out. Janice and Zack run away, leaving Dawn and Justin alone in the car. Justin makes his move and delivers Dawn her very first kiss.

At the Bronze, Tara and Willow get into a spat about Willow using her magic to shift everyone who isn't sixteen years old into an alternate dimension to make Dawn easier to find. After Tara calls Willow out, Will freaks and accuses Tara of taking Giles's side.

In Zack's stolen car, Dawn and Justin continue to make out. However, after Justin nibbles her lip a little too hard, he vamps out. Although Dawn is swept away in the moment, she manages to feel his lumpy noggin. Nearby, Buffy smashes the door in on Spike's crypt. Our favorite vamp informs her of Dawn and her antics. Buffy, angry, grabs a pistol crossbow out of Spike's weapons chest.

On the edge of the cemetery, Giles races to find Dawn. To his surprise, he stumbles on Zack and Janice (who he assumes is Dawn), just as Zack pulls his teeth out of her neck. After Zack calls Giles "grandpa," the watcher dusts him on the spot and continues to look for Dawn. In the clearing near the cemetery, Giles finds Dawn as Justin attempts to turn her. Right as Giles is about to dust the young Don Juan, a crew of adult vampires, surround them.

Spike and Buffy rush to the rescue as an all-out Halloween battle breaks out. In the battle's conclusion, Dawn dusts her first kiss Justin with a misfired crossbow arrow.

The long day comes to an end with the whole gang back at the house. Buffy decides not to be responsible for Dawn's actions, leaving the punishment to Giles. In an earth shattering moment, Willow places a spell on Tara that makes her forget the entire night and their fight.